Clifton Hicks and Steve Casey

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Clifton Hicks and Steve Casey testify about their experiences in a "free-fire zone" where there were supposedly "no friendlies." But Hicks and Casey never saw any enemy combatants. In November, 2003, according to Hicks, an AC-130 gunship opened fire on an apartment complex, completely destroying it as Casey and his comrades watched and cheered from a nearby roof. Casey didn’t think about it at the time, but now the loss of civilian life truly bothers him.

Hicks says this building demolition was the most destructive act he'd ever seen, and the building was not a legitimate military target. A sniper team could have neutralized the enemy sporadically firing from that location, but leadership chose to destroy the building and the civilians inside.

Casey also shows a video of a house raid in which GIs destroyed the contents of a house while a woman shrieked, only to find out they were at the wrong house. He says he is not indicting those he served with. It was the result of the environment they were in.

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Mar 13th 2008