Garet Reppenhagen

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Garett Reppenhagen served with Jeff Engelhart in Iraq and co-authored the blog "Fight to Survive". Garett points out that through their entire GI resistance process, they stayed within the boundaries of UCMJ and were granted honorable discharges. Garett was the first active-duty member of IVAW. Seventy-five percent of the veterans of this war are still in the military; they are career soldiers. That is what makes anti-war organizing difficult in the military. Yes, they oppose the war, but they also want to remain in the military.

The military’s family atmosphere, the safe environment of a military base for raising children, the school benefits, the health care, and the bonuses all make GIs reluctant to risk their position. But Garett says soldiers can use their First Amendment rights to speak out without getting in trouble, and IVAW stands ready to help them learn how. IVAW is asking soldiers and veterans to join a fight to make America better, says Garett.

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Mar 13th 2008